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Spiker Lifestyle Holders : choose 100-pack, 48-pack or 36-pack

 Any color combination you want!


1. Where is the Spiker Lifestyle Holder made?

We’re proud to say it’s made in America and always will be.
The Spiker Lifestyle Holder is a patented and trademarked product.
US Patent Number D657,633S


MAP Policy:

We want every Spiker Authorized Dealer to enjoy and benefit from selling Spiker Lifestyle Holders and adding unique creative designs that make the items so special to those who receive them. We value your work and you should too!

Blank Spikers - recommended retail for at least $7.95 each

Personalized Spikers - recommended retail for at least $14.95 each

Full-wrapped Spikers - recommended retail for as much as $19.95 each).

Please adjust retail prices accordingly for Combo/Group/Volume sales.


Spiker Lifestyle Holders are proudly made in the USA. We offer unparalleled quality and ship within 2 business days.

2. What colors are available blank?
The Spiker Lifestyle Holder is available for the monogram/gift boutique industry in 26 glossy colors:  red, royal blue, yellow, white, black, pink, lime, teal, purple, orange, silver, gold, garnet red, kelly green, Carolina-blue, camo, blush, mist, lilac, coral, strawberry, kiwi, tangerine, cherry, blueberry and cherry.

3. What sizes packs are available and how much is shipping?

You can choose from the 36-pack, 48-pack or 100-pack.

 Standard ground shipping charge added


Spiker prices depend on which pack you order. Any pack added to your 100-pack order makes each piece cost the 100-pack per-piece price.

For example, if you order a 100-pack and a 48-pack at the same time, you'll pay the lower 100-pack per-piece price for all Spikers.


4. What about other products?

We carry a variety of accessories as well, including Pireaux, LeCup, Hugga Holder and Team Toss.


5. How fast is shipping?

We ship FedEx Ground, UPS or USPS, usually within 2 business days of your order -- often sooner :)

6. I want to have the Spiker Lifestyle Holders printed with my artwork or logo -- can you help me?

Of course! If you have your logo or artwork already, send it to us and choose your colors from the "Custom Printed Spiker" page under "Order Products" and if you need help with your art, let us know.

7. I don’t have a brick-and-mortar store – can I still become an authorized dealer?
Absolutely! We welcome you and want to be part of your growth and expansion. Please complete the registration form.


8. Do you have any photos or other materials to help me sell Spikers?

Of course! We have printed material we're happy to share with you, including, posters, display cards, prop cards, brochures and Authorized Spiker Dealer window clings for your storefront, display case and vehicle window.

Please see Dealer Support here.

You can also use any of our photos to promote your Spiker business - even take orders before your Spikers arrive! You'll find plenty of photos here.

9. What if I have a problem when I receive my Spikers?

We want you to be happy and successful. If there's anything wrong with your order, please complete the form here within 14 days of receiving your order. We'll work with you to make everything right :)


10. How are other Authorized Dealers doing with their Spiker Lifestyle Holders?

Glad you asked :)

"We have been selling Spiker Brand Spikers in our small family run business now for almost a year! They are our number 1 seller! We love the quality and the durability!  Our customers rave at how much they love them! Thank you so much for being such a great company!" ~~ Holly, Four Winks Boutique

"Thank you again for the most amazing product, year to date I have sold over 400 and still going strong. Thank you again for making my business successful." ~ Crystal, PersonalizedaMAZEing

"I can't keep these things on the shelf. It's been like a whirlwind. I really appreciate your product. You have taken my shop to a whole new level!" ~~ Jen, Sweet Peas Unique Gifts

"This was a bridal shower gift. The bride was thrilled and couldn't wait to use the beach holder at the beach this past week end. It is a unique gift. It is very functional and the couple are happy." ~~ Maggie, July 1

"I love the product -- and I am well into my second order of 100 -- which just arrived a day or so ago! It started off with a bang when I got just a few from a friend in another city -- just to try in the shop. The very day those few arrived, I was sold on the product. It is the most phenomenal product i have seen in the last 5 years in the gift industry! Congrats on a super product and a job well done!" ~ Tealla, Monograms Plus

"Just wanted to thank you and your team for getting my custom order to me so quickly. I received it yesterday, and as soon as I got it, I opened up the box, took a picture, posted on Facebook and sold 30 of them. I was busy personalizing Spikes til 6:00 p.m., but not complaining, I love being creative." ~~ Alicia, Southern Lights Candles

"Thank you for such an awesome product to sell in our shop -- many blessings to y'all" ~~ Rhonda, Remembered Once More

"We were in Destin last week and bought a set of Spiker holders. They worked great! Would not go to the beach without them again. FYI... We had a bunch of people ask us about our Spikers on the beach. They all said they were cool and that they had to have one. We told them where we got ours. Look forward to Team Toss. I love beach games and am always looking for a new one." ~~ DJ, Allentown, Pennsylvania


11. I'd like to make some comments...

We'd like that too! Please see our form here, thank you!


12. How can I let my customers know I'm a Spiker Dealer?

Oh...glad you asked!  We're happy to supply you with Authorized Dealer Window Clings for your storefront, vehicle, display case and more:

Spiker Authorized Dealer window sign

Spiker Authorized Dealer window sign with reflected car


Check back soon . . . we'll add more info to help with your ordering and marketing. Thank you!


Made In America